About us

Our Business

MyKanz provides comprehensive, cost-effective software solutions to manage, optimize and streamline industry-sector specific business processes. Over 20 years our sophisticated and mature industry specific solutions successfully serve businesses to reduce overheads whilst increasing quality and business volume. MyKanz is easy to use for fast and error free operations. Our subject matter experts from various sectors can adapt MyKanz to your individual business requirements.

Our Mission

Enable our customers to focus on revenue and not on processes. “The wheel does not have to be reinvented”. We believe in practicality, honesty, value adding, fair pricing and all our software solutions simply “work”. We take ownership and responsibility very serious in our business.

Our Products

MyKanz expertise and software solution are for Tour Operators, Accounting, Point of Sales, Car Rental, Gas Stations, Wedding Halls, Schools, Asset Management, Warehouse Management, Customer Relationship Management and more, to manage all your back-office processes and steering your company in the right direction. Our solutions are working seamless with each other or stand alone with your own IT infrastructure. MyKanz can be deployed and managed over a wide range of computer platforms and across the Internet. MyKanz provides a unified environment comprising development tools, an embedded database, and the capability to easily connect and integrate with other applications and data sources. Products use industry-standard interfaces such as ODBC, and ADO.NET to ensure consistent behavior and performance in connecting to distributed systems as well as mainframes.

Why MyKanz

  • Diverse and qualified Team. Ability to cater specific requirements and developments in our inhouse software. Reliable solution and timely response time proven by our long history with satisfied users.
  • Our technical support is 24/7.

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